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It used to be print advertisements, then radio jingles and television.

1 thing is common to all these stations — PEOPLE. As businesses, our advertising goal at every point would be to go where our customers are spending most of their time.

Today, humans are still being humans — altering their information and entertainment consumption preferences.What do we do? Give up and prevent advertising? Not all. As they evolve, we evolve and change the way we serve the information, products, and services. And the reply is social networking marketing.

But, when we thought we have an effective tool to capture their attention, they have stopped consuming texts and static images.

If you would like to catch the attention of your audience and develop your social media profile for your future, you should think about infusing video into your social networking marketing plan.

According to a study by Cisco, 80% of all consumer traffic will come out of online videos from 2020. In a similar study, Wirebuzz found that people retain 95 percent of a message if they see it in a video, in comparison to 10 percent they read it in a text.By now, you can agree with me that movie marketing is the way to go. But if you need more information to back your argument if speaking to your superior or marketing team, here are 5 benefits of movie in Social Networking marketing:

Higher Engagement: 

Just like television ads, videos combine sight and sound and frequently difficult to dismiss as you can listen to and watch people talk and act. For all these reasons, individuals engage more with video content. And to please its customers, most social networking platforms function more video content to their users. The same is true for different platforms. So, if you want to increase your brand’s social networking engagement, change to generating video content or make a mixture of movies, images and texts.

Increased Lead Conversion and Revenue: 

I think you’re already aware that a landing page is important if conducting a social media advertisements. But if you want your landing page to convert better, you can add a short opening or explainer. This builds trust and convinces the prospect that they are dealing with a human being. Much like adding a face to your social networking marketing.

Video Helps Brands to Build Trust: 

Just like we started before, a video is a powerful way of including a face for your brand and marketing. With the advent of social media, people aren’t solely interested in your products, they want to see the individual faces behind the products and a sneak peek of the way the products or services are manufactured. Serving them the info in video format is a potent means to establish your authenticity.The merits of video marketing are many but these three should be enough reasons to incorporate videos to your social networking marketing approaches.

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