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An image is worth a thousand words, so that they say. With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram is your top social networking platform, that is why all of the marketing companies are mad about it right now. No matter whether you have been on this stage since its inception or you are new into the”insta-craze,” all brands ought to capitalize on Instagram should they want to keep in tandem with their targeted market.

Instagram is amazingly straightforward and the most user-friendly the cellular platforms. Its simplistic feature makes it the most personal of the mobile platforms. And if you think Instagram is for millennials, you’re mistaken. This program is ideal from the marketing sphere, as it caters to all ages and brands.

Below are a few reasons why your manufacturer must be hanging out on Instagram.

1. Clients Are More Likely To Watch Your Posts.

According to instagram, 80 percent of users say that they follow at least one company on the app, using a 60% hearing about the product and support through the system. This shows some level of attention and may very well be considered as leads.

99firms. Com brings up some tangible real-life examples of businesses that expanded their reach and created prospects through the social network, like the Mercedes-Benz Cars UK situation in which the company’s IG story campaign resulted in a reach of over 2 million.

Since Facebook started charging for promotion, more and more businesses are finding it tough to maintain with more prominent brands. Instagram, on the other hand, ensures that your followers will see 100 percent of the content.

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Here is how.

Blocking content from a news feed is rather hopeless unless you follow an account. This means a lot of your photos and content will be viewed by your customers, translating to more visibility for your brand.

2. Smart Phones Can’t Be Ignored

From high-end phones to budget phones, these devices are getting to be readily accessible by the day. Gone are the days when people relied just on the pc or tablet computer to surf the internet. Today, more people use the smart phone to surf the internet. As more people continue to switch into smartphones, the marketing power of Instagram will continue growing.

3. More People Prefer Instagram

Among social websites, Instagram boasts the maximum engagement rates. Instagram followers are more likely to engage and also share your articles when compared with a large percentage of people on Facebook.

4. Instagram Enables For Creativity

Instagram is a visual storytelling program. Together with the various colors and filters, presenting your images in a manner that tells the story of your own brand has never been simpler.

In addition you have the choice to tell that story over a more protracted period. This program makes it easy for users to scroll through your own profile and link to a brand without having to click on a particular picture.

5. Relating To Your Audience Has Never Been Easy

With branded content becoming more popular for creating engagement, one advantages of Instagram is that it can help you build trust. Followers love keeping in contact with the daily routine of their favorite brands and casually. Giving your followers a behind the scenes pictures of the everyday normality of your job creates a personal connection with your brandnew.

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Behind the scene photos and worker graphics are more inclined to rank well on Instagram, especially if you are a specific service provider. This, then, can elicit their support for your product or service, hence with a positive effect on your bottom line.

6. Brand Yourself And Step Your Game Up

Creating content for your Instagram account might be a little difficult but is rewarding in the long-run. The visual component of Instagram makes it an excellent platform for advertising your products and services.

Aside from using images to offer your service or product, you might also utilize creative captions that can capture the followers’ attention, which makes them share the image with their followers. Boom! Free advertisements right there.

7. Reuse Marketing Materials: Work Smart, Not Hard

Visual content is not merely a big item on Instagram but Twitter and Facebook as well. Nevertheless, we could all agree that we are crunched for time. While Instagram enables you to create distinctive and eye-catching images, you can leverage the pictures as content to your other marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You could also decide to capture photos using your Instagram program.

Place your phone onto an airplane mode to capture an image and it is going to automatically be saved to a own gallery for later use. This saves you a whole load of trouble creating more content.

Bottom Line

Instagram is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs everywhere. It has the power to catch your customer’s heads making them potential prospects. It may be hard building your brand on Instagram, but the advantages are worth the effort in the long run.

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