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why chatbots Have to Be a Part of your brand Plan advanced computer programs you’ll be able to converse with–are probably the last thing you’d think about. But lately, a growing number of companies have started to understand the potential for robots to enhance various business aspects.

Because of this, many businesses have started to invest in creating their very own robots. Whether for customer service or internet marketing, using robots for a company remains a mostly uncharted land many manufacturers are now exploring.

With the continuous research and development in natural language processing, bots are now getting smarter. These artificial intelligence programs are no longer like their oldest predecessors ELIZA, PARRY, or JABBERWACKY Most contemporary robots are now able to process the individual language to a much greater extent. They can create organic, context-based answers instead of reacting based on specific keywords only.

That said, 2017 should be your year in moving into the entire world of chatbots to improve your overall brand strategy. Here’s the main reason.

why chatbots Have to Be a Part of your brand

5 reasons why chatbots are important for a brand

1. They can be used for various functions.

“There’s an app for this,” said the late Steve Jobs when he was fostering the iPhone’s vast array of programs. At this moment, however, we can say”There’s a chatbot for that.” From bots that manage pizza delivery orders to those who generate product recommendations, programmers are working on robots that can improve the customer experience.

2. Engage your clients in larger ways.

Enhancing customer participation is also feasible with smart bots. Such was the case of Disney’s Officer Judy Hopps bot on Facebook Messenger. This more innovative, more intricate AI bot let viewers talk with the animated character in an almost organic way. It even generated added buzz because of their movie Zootopia before it had been released.

Another example is AT&T’s bot called Atticus chatbot, which spouts his own opinions about TV shows.

3. More folks are using social messaging apps.

With the huge uptick in the use of messaging apps, chatbots are becoming even more useful for manufacturers. By building a bot that’s linked to a societal messaging plan, you can connect with more people and thus widen your reach.

In actuality, many manufacturers on Facebook have already created their Messenger robots, that execute several purposes –from handling hotel bookings to answering simple questions, and running auto trades.

4. They can offer customer testimonials and insights:

Depending on how smart your bot is, you are able to purpose it to examine client interactions. This provides you advice on your customers’ tastes. With all those data, you will have the ability to generate far better brand strategies that reflect your customers’ needs. By way of example, by monitoring your customers’ preferences, your own chatbot can suggest to them products and solutions that best match their interests.

5. They could be the 24-hour customer service team:

. . .though, for the time being, most bots can only handle simple queries. However, though the present capabilities of bots are limited, rapid progress in machine learning and AI are created daily. Utilizing robots to look after simple customer difficulties, it is possible to lighten the load of your support group, allowing them to tackle more pressing issues.

Chatbots are not the end-all of internet marketing and customer service campaigns. There are still numerous tasks just people can do, particularly when it comes to building customer relationships. You can not deny, that bots are a publication but practical tool for running a company in a virtual universe. Together with the advantages, these apps can provide, it may be time to quit thinking of robots as a trend and begin getting in on the race.

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