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Facebook participation is more easy and more valuable than you ever imagined.

I found this out the hard way.

At one point, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Sure, I had been getting some successes. But I was wasting a lot of money.

For example, I once spent $400,000 on Facebook enthusiast page likes.

I still feel dumb for this one…

The participation wasn’t there. I had a significant number of fans but very little real engagement.

I’d no idea that hidden tools inside Facebook’s programs, extensions, insights, approaches, and bots that could have made my Facebook advertisement spend successful.

Facebook marketing is like an iceberg. Many men and women see the top part — Facebook ads. They spend their entire time optimizing that bit of possibility.

The power is under. It is concealed.And that is why I made this listing.

I would like you to know exactly what those Facebook marketing tools are and how you can increase your participation as I did.

Before we get started, for the first few concealed tools you require Mobile Monkeyto utilize all the tactics (it is free). Along with this, a number of those hidden tools that I will uncover are within Facebook… that you just don’t know about these.

Hidden Tool #1: Facebook Messenger Marketing

Alright, I am starting out with a broad one.

It’s hiding in plain sight: Facebook Messenger marketing.

For some reason, not very many marketers are taking advantage of Messenger marketing, even though it’s the latest opportunity in digital marketing today.

What does this mean for you? It usually means you could acquire first mover’s advantage.

Utilizing Facebook Messenger for marketing is as simple as it sounds… you send messages to customers around Facebook Messenger.

Why is this channel different from many other marketing methods like email marketing is the results.

Facebook Messenger messages possess an open rate of 50-80%.

Facebook Messenger messages have a clickthrough rate of 20%, particularly when using chat blasting.

Facebook Messenger messages possess a conversion speed of 3-5x higher compared to Facebook desktop advertisements.

Facebook Messenger marketing prices 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns (when utilizing Facebook Send To Messenger Ads)

Where else can you receive engagement results like that?

I really don’t know of any, and I’ve done quite a lot of online marketing.

The very best way to begin with Facebook Messenger marketing is using MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey is a chatbot builder that I use . Chatbots are crucial for scoring sky-high open prices, CTRs, and conversion prices.

And best of all, it’s free.

Hidden Tool #2: Comment Guard (Private Reply via Messenger)

A comment guard is a Facebook Messenger marketing feature which allows you to add new contacts to your contact list when they comment on your Facebook post.

It is like a magic elixir for involvement.

It works like this.

You place something on Facebook as usual.

People comment on your article.

Anybody who comments on the post gets your automatic private reply in Messenger.

When they engage with this reply, they are added to your Facebook Messenger contact list.

The screenshot.

Someone comments on the post, and they immediately receive a Messenger message.

Imagine this. You post something on your own FB page which has high engagement potential… a meme, a quiz, a contest, a question, whatever. All of the comments that you rack up aren’t just comments anymore, they’re warm leads.

You’ll want to utilize MobileMonkey so as to pull this off, but it is really easy.

Only click the”FB comment protector” button using the MobileMonkey program.

Create an autoresponder message.

Point them to your Messenger chat landing page.

Add the comment guard to your selected Facebook post.

Hidden Tool #3: Click to Messenger Advertising

A Click-to-Messenger Ad is a standard Facebook ad with a twist. Instead of sending people to a landing page, you send them into some Facebook Messenger bot sequence.

It looks like this:

When the person starts that Facebook Messenger order, they are a lead. And that’s when a chatbot takes more than to bring them down the conversion funnel.

By way of instance, you might have your chatbot ask users queries, and ship them provides that they’re considering.

It can be hard to manually react to thousands of message questions. Instead, you can steer those chat sessions based from your Messenger Ads straight to some MobileMonkey chatbot, which can ask qualifying questions and participate users in scale.

Have a look at this article, for step by step instructions on leveraging this ad unit

Hidden Tool #4: Chat Blaster

Chat Demo is a effective way for getting your message before your whole Facebook Messenger list in minutes.

I’ve managed chat blasting campaigns which saw a 96.9% open rates in only half an hour.

With MobileMonkey you can program chat blasts, bulk send, create interactive Messenger sequences, create special offers, and whatever else that helps your marketing.

To begin, simply click”Chat Blaster” in the program.

One of the things which I like about the Chat Blaster is your capability to segment audiences. A number of the campaigns that I handle involve thousands of contacts, so I wish to narrow down my contacts to only the right targets.

Creating segments is simple using MobileMonkey, which permits you to”Create Audience” with a click.

Your audience can perform self-segmentation once the chat burst sends.

Hidden Tool #5: Messenger Scan Codes

Remember QR codes? The idea is gaining ground that is new with Facebook Messenger codes, although they did not really catch on that large.

Has a exceptional code.

In Messenger, tap your profile picture at the top right.

Then tap on your profile picture again

The image that appears is the Messenger code.

From this display, you could scan a code.

The unique scan code of your FB page is an excellent way to add people to your Messenger list. A person simply scans your code and they’re a part of your list.

I can see applications for this even, or at conferences, on bulletin board advertisements, merchandise business cards.

Hidden Tool #6. Warm Engaged Invites

1 tactic I’ve used to build my FB audience is by inviting people who’ve engaged to develop into a page fan.

Out of your business Facebook webpage (desktop), find a post that has engagement.

Using this tool, you see the men and women who engaged with your post and can invite the webpage to be liked by individuals.

The main reason why this is precious is that you are ready to target participated fans. In case you’ve got lots of Facebook lovers, but not a lot of engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will penalize you.

Rather, identify those people that are engaged and manually encourage them.

Hidden Tool #7: Send Private Invites in Messenger

A similar hack is currently inviting your friends to like your small business page, and sending the invitation in Messenger.

This is the method I recommend since you can personalize the message and provide them two bits instead of just one.

Click the… button on your FB page, then click”Invite Friends.”

Here, you create a personalized message and can invite friends. Make sure you check the box in the bottom to send the invite using Messenger.

Hidden Tool #8: Invite People to Your Facebook Group by Email

I love. I will leverage among my marketing stations by blending it with a different.

You can invite people to join your Facebook set by sending them an email. You’ll want an email list to do this.

Here’s how.

From the Facebook Group page, click on”members” on the left side.

From another page, you can add email addresses and notes to invitees.

Presently, the only way I know how to do this is manually. If you’ve got a email list, it might take some time. :/

Hidden Tool #9: Competitor Advertisement Espionage

I am a massive fan of ethical espionage.

In the realm of SEO, it is not too difficult.

Only plug in a URL into something such as RankSignals.

Boom, immediately you have intel.

And some of it is really beneficial.

However, with so many brands currently spending countless on Facebook ads, how can you get a handle on that kind of information?

You won’t be able to obtain ad and your competitor info spend but you also can find out where, how often, and what the competition is advertising.

Let’s say you want to spy on me and I’m the competition. First, locate my Facebook page and tap on the”I” button on the right side.

With this page, you will learn where the page supervisors are , and whether titles, when it had been created have changed. This can be intel.

Tap on”Active Ads.”

You will be able to see them here In case advertisements are running.

Hidden Tool #10: Page Competition Gauge

I love to get a good understanding of who my competition is and what they are up to.

But how do I know who my competition is? Luckily, the algorithm of Facebook has figured out it .

To utilize this feature, go to your Facebook Page Insights. By Insights, scroll down until you see”Pages to Watch.”

By default, Facebook shows you five possible competitors, but you can view more by clicking”See More Suggested Pages.”

When you add a rival to your pages, you’ll be able to stay informed about their activity, increase rates likes, and also the frequency of their posts.

This information can allow you to understand everything you may need to change and how you are doing.

Hidden Tool #11: Find Where You Are Gaining Followers

It is important for you to determine where you are getting your followers so you can know how to acquire more.

One way to get this info is through Page Insights. Harness”Followers” and scroll down until you see”Where Your Page Follows Happened.”

Facebook shows you follow quantities according to five locations:

For Your Page


Uncategorized Desktop

Your Posts


Attempt to reverse engineer what occurred, then do it if a specific source shows follow rates.

Hidden Tool #12: Identify Audience Signals on Page Insights

One way I use metrics to leverage my marketing efforts would be to view my Facebook page insights, especially the demographic info.

When seeing this advice, I am looking for positives — indications which my audience favors a specific demographic.

By way of instance, this page shows a strong positive for women and men between the ages of 25-44.

There’s only a small chance you’re going to be more interested in my webpage if you are 21. By comparison, if you’re a 30-year old male, there’s a likelihood that is much stronger you will have an interest in this page.

This advice helps me know how, where, and upon whom to focus my marketing and promotion efforts.

Hidden Tool #13: Bring Email Addresses

I love this hack.

You know how hard it’s to get people’s email address these days, right? Asking for someone’s email address is tantamount to asking for their social security number.

With Facebook Messenger marketing, that is no longer true.

You can produce a Facebook Messenger chatbot that asks for an individual’s email address. All they do is click a button their address.

Facebook does all of the job.

Here is what the bot looks like in MobileMonkey.

As long as you set the input type as email, Facebook is going to understand to pull on the consumer’s email address exactly as they have entered it when creating a Facebook account. Nothing , no typos.

This is another instance of using two different stations engage your users and to get information. When you utilize a chatbot, it makes the process.

Hidden Tool #14: Bring Phone Numbers

If there’s one thing harder to get from a client than their email address, then it is their contact number.

Again it’s a cinch. Using input type”telephone” in MobileMonkey means that you’re certain to find the user’s main phone number since they supplied when and if they saved their contact number in Facebook.

It’s understandable that people are hesitant to enter their phone number as an example, on an unfamiliar platform — a contact form on your site.

It’s quite a different level of comfort when they’re asked for a contact number in a app, also Facebook adds the amount.

All that your contact has to do is tap on their telephone number.

Hidden Tool #15: Website Chat Widget

This one sounds obvious, but again it’s surprising just how few websites are placing the power of a site chat widget to work.

Check this out. If you go to MobileMonkey’s site, there’s a widget on just about any page.

If you’ve logged into Facebook Messenger on that browser, then all you need to do is click and you’re introduced into a Messenger sequence with MobileMonkey.

This sequence powered by a chatbot provides you.

One of the distinctive and powerful features of the funnel is that it is self-guided. You feel as if you making decisions and selecting choices.

Irrespective of your choices, but you are making deeper connections with the solution and the marketing funnel.

Hidden Tool #16: Track Particular Facebook Conversions

The fantastic thing about Facebook Ads Manager is that you’ve got access to a ton of information.

The awful thing about Facebook Ads Manager is that you also have access to a ton of information.

Take conversions, for example.

If you are tracking them, great for you. But that conversions are you tracking? Here are the choices:

I call this one”hidden” because true conversions are essentially in Ad Manager underneath a lot of other sound.

You need to narrow down your conversion tracking to only the conversions that you need to learn about.

For one of my companies, I only concentrate on five types of conversions.

Everything else is futile.

I have written about this before… once you get clarity on what to monitor, you’ll do a whole lot better at making real progress with your FB advertising.

Hidden Tool #17: Messenger Drip Campaigns

If you have been in Internet marketing for any amount of time, then you are aware of how a drip campaign could be.

Imagine increasing this potency by 10x.

That’s exactly what a Facebook Messenger drip effort can do. Again, the electricity is in the chatbot builder.

The drip effort feature of mobileMonkey takes a click.

Contrary to an email drip campaign that may take months or days to complete, a Facebook Messenger drip campaign can be finished in a couple of minutes or hours.

Plus, when you use a chatbot, the sequence could be interactive. Options can be created by you and engage the user.


There’s way more to Facebook than meets the eye.

I’ve a sense that Facebook marketing is not going to decline at the decades. It is going to become exponentially stronger.

There is a reason so many of the hidden marketing tools above focus on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger marketing has fundamentally changed the sport, and it is done in two areas where marketing rises or drops:

Interactivity or dialogue — Messenger marketing, even if powered by a bot, has a private feel. Instead of bullhorn marketing — telling your audience to do, purchase, read, see, see. You’re asking for their feedback and opening a conversation.

Speed of participation — Contrary to the glacial speed of email marketing (such as drip campaigns), Messenger marketing has a far swifter cadence. A lot of individuals have a pavlovian response to the ding of the Messenger alarms. They would like to see who is sending a message to them. This means that your open rates and click through rates are shooting up.

It’s not going to last. Like the banner ads of years past, Messenger marketing will reduce its luster as people become accustomed to it.

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